Seitokai Yakuindomo Review

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Anime, Anime Reviews, Reviews, Seitokai Yakuindomo Review
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This is the first year  that Ousai Academy is allowing boys to enroll at the previously girl only school. Tsuda Takatoshi finds himself enrolling at the school as a freshman already knowing that he will be one of the first male students to be attending the school, not bothered by this fact as the school is close to his home. Upon arrival at the school for his first day he gets forced into the Student Council by three female students who happen to be perverted.

The Story of Seitokai Yakuindomo is very unusual, you almost feel sorry of Tsuda in the first few episodes as he has been dragged into the student council where his two senpai make sexual jokes to a high degree. Over the time of the anime’s life he does somewhat desensitize himself to the jokes and makes his way through the school year. Being an ecchi romance comedy the viewer gets a lot of perverted jokes thrown at them every episode and at first I was saying to myself “Did they just say that/do that.” Even though this is the reaction I gave I was enjoying the anime as time progressed, the jokes on the other hand where overused and no longer had the same effect they once did. There we a few scenes that you knew where fantasy or another joke was going to happen but couldn’t help get excited with. Seitokai Yakuindomo is really good at setting scenes and moods which helped tell jokes and the feelings that you would get from the main characters. The story itself is episodic based but following a regular school year its easy to predict what events would be in the anime with enough foresight. The story itself really isn’t anything special, you wouldn’t watch it for the story though but as a light piece that gave you lots of humor. Even though a lot of the jokes didn’t give me the laugh that the anime wanted to get, I still had some laughs and did enjoy seeing the next gag come. Overall the story gets a 5/10

The characters of Seitokai Yukuindomo are very average and bland, Amakusa Shino’s character design was effectivley a cross between Akame Ga Kill’s Akame and Accel World’s Kuro Yuki Hime. Being very perverted in her jokes and her sexual fantasys she is actually is one of the few characters that has a romance development during the anime. Tsuda Takatoshi is another average character in terms of design and is placed into a world where he is the only one besides Hagimura Suzu who isn’t occupied with perverted thoughts. Personality wise he is very generic, often on the receiving end of jokes he is also the center of attention at Ousai Academy being vice president of the Student Council and being the schools favorite breeding horse, surprise surprise. Shichijou Aria being the rich, bombshell airhead that she is also joins in with Shino’s perverted jokes except that she is especially heavy with hers. She often has rich jokes made about her especially when she will stare at a set of stares and then come to the sudden realization that schools don’t have escalators. Finally we come to Hagimura Suzu, Suzu is the super short 16 year old student that is often mistaken for being an elementary school student. Actually that kinda sounds like me when I was in high school, anyway Suzu just happens to have an IQ of 180 and has the same temperament when she is made fun of her height that Edward Elwic from Full Metal Alchemist has. The characters designs are nothing special but the interactions that the characters have with each other is pleasing, you will get the moments that Tsuda shares with each one of the girls personally which gives a pleasant feeling because you know there has been character development. Overall the Characters get a 6/10.

Art and Animation
The art in Seitokai Yukuindomo is absolutely beautiful, I love it. There are scenes that are just beautiful to watch and just makes my day when I see them. Honestly the art in seitokai Yukuindomo is my favorites part of the anime. The first opening sequence of the anime was what captured my attention with the anime and it still kept my attention for the rest of its life. With the backgrounds and characters being beautifully drawn it was hard to not resist watching the anime. The animation was good, nothing was bumpy or low quality. Everything was at a good standard, there were times where they would change art style for comedic effect and it worked well, the anime still looked good. The whole animation was kept of a high standard and quality along with the art. The art did have details that aren’t seen enough, that was the use of lighting. Sure lots of anime use lighting but not effectively, in Seitokai Yukuindomo I found the lighting was what made the anime pop, stand out and made me go wow. Overall I give the art and animation an 8/10

Music and Sound
The music in Seitokai Yukuindomo was another one of my favorite things about the anime. The opening theme song was really catchy and I would find myself singing along to it throughout the entirety of the anime’s life. I enjoy it when an anime has a good opening or ending song and they stick to it for the shows life, Hunter X Hunter is a good example of that. The OST had music that accompanied the scenes and moods well, one scene in particular that I enjoyed was the scene where Tsuda had given Shino a CD for her birthday and the scene turned into a beautiful scene of scenery shots accompanied by nice and relaxing music. The voice acting was believable, never did I feel that the voice acting was off but there were a few voices I didn’t like such as ranko Hata, she had a monotone voice through out the entire anime, she is portrayed as the creepy school photographer that loves to sell photos that are taken out of context. I can understand why she might have a monotone voice especially with her script but I think her script could have been altered for more effect. Overall I give the Music and sound a 7/10

Final Thoughts
Even though Seitokai Yukuindomo wasn’t my kind of humor it still managed to keep me entertained. I feel that the characters interacted with each other really well and it felt like a normal school environment where you have all the sex jokes and perverted jokes. Overall I give Seitokai yukuindomo a 6.5/10 and recommend watching it if you enjoy perverted jokes and are a comedy fan in general.

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