Seitokai Yakuindomo* Review

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Anime, Anime Reviews, Reviews
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This is the second year that Ousai Academy is allowing boys to enroll at the previously girl only school. Tsuda Takatoshi finds himself enrolling at the school as a freshman already knowing that he will be one of the first male students to be attending the school, not bothered by this fact as the school is close to his home. Upon arrival at the school for his first day he gets forced into the Student Council by three female students who happen to be perverted.

Seitokai Yakuindomo* is really not a lot different from the first season in terms of story. Once again we find ourselves with Tsuda Takatoshi the Student Council vice president at his second year at Ousai Academy. The story follows Tsuda throughout the school year telling tales of the different events that happen through the school year. Once again making for a some what predictable story, well that’s what I thought at first. In reality sure it does follow the school year but a lot of the events are different then those that had taken place in the first season. This being a plus in my book as it gives a different feel to the anime in some sense. At first I had a lot of hope in this second season as the first 10 minutes of the first episode where dedicated to setting the story and the characters which was done splendidly only for the rest of the season to not fill my expectations any further and going back into its roots of perverted comedy. It actually feels like this season they went even deeper than first season, making more jokes that are even heavier than first season. In turn the story telling itself had plummeted and at times was hard to follow what had been going on throughout the episode. At times they where consistent with the timing of the story but then at other times it will be raining and they will comment of said rain only for the very next scene to ignore the rain all together. Legitimately there was no rain, they then went to the end of the episode where the rain stops and they comment on the rain finally ended. Consistency, got to love it. First season made it feel like the whole story and all the episodes were connected but this season did an appalling job at doing that. One thing that is even worse than this is the expectations they give to the viewer only to act like those expectations never existed. We get introduced to the Student Council President of Eiryou Highschool Uomi expecting to see her all the time and that she would play an important role but you only get to see her every now and then. The anime will also make you hope for a romance plot to develop in some scenes only to be disappointed by the joke that is then made. The jokes that are made in Seitokai Yakuindomo* are still as heavy and even heavier than before but there are some jokes that are made that actually did get me to laugh so that is an improvement from the original Seitokai Yakuindomo. The anime did succeed in getting certain feelings to the viewer such as excitement in certain scenes so the story telling isn’t completely hopless in that sense. Overall I give the story a 5/10

The characters in Seitokai Yukuindomo* were once again pretty bland in terms of character design, in saying that development is made in some of the characters. Amakusa Shino had a more developed love interest in Tsuda which was enjoyable to see until the joke came along that made it seem like that she didn’t view Tsuda in that sort of way. As always she is as dirty as she was in season one yet at times it feels like she has more self control in this season. Tsuda Takatoshi the vice president of the student council who is in a position where you almost feel sorry for him as he is stuck pulling his fellow members in to line with their jokes, as before he is as thick in terms of realizing girls true feelings for him but he has become more desensitized to the whole situation he finds himself in. You even find him making a joke or two, they may not be dirty but the humor he was a part of actually made me laugh. Shichijou Aria, the rich, bombshell and airhead of the series. Her jokes tend to be very heavy and unlike season one there weren’t any rich jokes made about her. Then we have Hagimura Suzu, Suzu is the super short, 17 year old treasurer of the student council having an IQ of 180, often being made fun of her height she tends to have the same disposition that Edward Elwic from Full Metal Alchemist does and gets very angry when someone makes fun of her height. In Seitokai Yakuindomo* Suzu has her romance plot with Tsuda deepened as well. The character interactions were nice to see, even calls over the phone showed the viewer how each character cared for each other as a close friend, unfortunately there weren’t as many moments where Tsuda was one on one with the other council members. Tsuda if he was to be alone with any character it would be Uomi who is the Eiryou High School Student Council President. Overall I give the characters a 7/10

Art and Animation
Seitokai Yakuindomo* Just like its predecessor did art and animation beautifully, the scenery was wonderful and the three transition scenes where great. The thing that disappointed me though was that in the first episode they do some of it in the perspective of Boa who is Suzu’s dog which was amazing to watch yet they didn’t do any of that for the rest of the season which made me sad. They even went into new territory by having some places having CG models which as I always feel in the most sense doesn’t look very good only because it’s mixed with traditional animation. They scenery they also tried new methods on a lot of the times if the scenery wasn’t the traditional method of being drawn then they put in realistic scenery which can be somewhat off putting but I feel like it actually worked for the kind of show Yakuindomo* is. One thing I always love to see in anime is how well they can animate water, yes water. There is a scene that shows a flowing river which always makes me excited as for whatever reason flowing water in anime just looks amazing. Overall I give the animation a 9/10

Music and Sound
Seitokai Yakuindomo* once again does it’s music well. The opening theme like the original season is really enjoyable to listen. The music in the anime was nothing special, at times I did question whether or not the track suited the mood of the scene but most of the time it did. The voice acting once again was believable and well done, there was a lot of emotion that was portrayed and it seemed like Suzu’s voice actor had put more emphasis when she was angry or upset which I enjoyed. One thing I had high hopes for was Ranko Hata who is the creepy school news reporter, in the first episode she had a more emotion filled voice for a good three seconds and then went monotone again. I have to admit her voice was more lively than it was than it was in the original Seitokai Yakuindomo. Overall I give Music and Sound a 7/10

Final Thoughts
Seitokai Yukuindomo* is an anime that doesn’t really do a whole lot of things right. The story was dropped, kicked and dismembered in terms of the telling of it, it also was cut up since they had to fit all of their shorts in the episode. Other than story telling the anime really isn’t that bad and would be great if it was your sense of humor. Overall I give Seitokai Yukuindomo* a 7/10. I recommend you watch Seitokai Yukuindomo* if you find dirty jokes hilarious and don’t really care for the story telling.

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