Living the Dream Week 1

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Anime Guide, Anime Reviews, Living the Dream, Manga Guide
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Living the Dream
I will start this blog type segment by saying that my mission, goal, dream whatever you would like to call it was originally to watch every anime that has been created. I know a foolish dream to aim for. That’s what this segment is for, to keep you updated with what anime I am watching throughout the week and some quick opinions that might turn into reviews somewhere down the line.

This week I have been watching Naruto Shippuuden, now just like its predecessor it suffers unneeded filler syndrome but not as badly. I enjoy watching Shippuuden as it is more dark than what Naruto was that’s for sure. Well that’s about it for the anime section of this blog.

Moving onto manga I have just read Kamisama no Iutoori and I have to say I really enjoyed it until it started to make little sense at the end. It had a disappointing ending just like Death Note did when I think about it or The Cube yet The Cube was kinda disappointing throughout the entire movie. If I was to compare Kamisama no Iutoori I would say it was The Cube except more hardcore and more gory.

  1. Kurisu says:

    How many anime are there in existence? I think you’d have to spend 10 years watching anime without a break. I was trying to watch all of the 2014 anime just to see if I could complete a whole year, but I got burned out.


    • tehelfie says:

      According to My Anime List there is roughly 30, 300 different anime titles. The goal in itself is impossible when you really think about it, the original anime that were released decades upon decades ago are lost or aren’t available for viewing as they are cut up into different frames.


      • Kurisu says:

        Say those unavailable anime were removed from the challenge by default. I guess it’s still impossible, but it’s motivational. There’s a badge on malgraph for completing 10,000 anime or something, though. That’s a damn amazing accomplishment.


      • tehelfie says:

        If the unavalible anime were removed then the challenge can become possible. The hard part is knowing how much time it will take. I think your guess of 10 years of constant anime is correct.


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