Anime has a long history that a lot of people wouldn’t realize it had. Now days when we think anime we think of anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Akira and Ghost in the Shell. These were some of the anime that helped it become a world wide phenomenon but anime actually goes back even further.

The earliest anime to be found is from 1907 and is untitled, this anime consisted of 50 frames that depicted a young boy writing the Chinese characters for moving picture, the boy then turns towards the viewer, removes his hat and offers a salute. Unfortunately the creator of this work is unknown.

During the generation of the first Japanese animators very few complete movies have survived until recent times. After the films had been aired the reels would be sold to smaller cinemas which would then be butchered into strips or single frames.

One of these animators is Shimokawa Oten, Shimokawa was a political caricaturist and cartoonist who worked for Tokyo Puck. He was hired by Tenkatsu for animation but due to medical reasons he was only able to do five movies for them which included: Imokawa Mukuzo – Gankanban no maki. After this he had returned to his previous career as a cartoonist.

This is just a little bit about the history of anime. If you would like to see more posts like this than send me a message through the request section asking for this type of history. Everything you read here and more has been sourced at In future weeks I intend on showing you the progression of anime throughout time by listing the different anime that have aired in different years.

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