Living the Dream Week 2

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Anime, Anime Guide, Living the Dream, Manga Guide
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So as time goes on we all built hopes and doubts, it’s really interesting as time goes on though. Last year at the start of the year I thought. I will be able to watch every anime ever yet when realising how grand the task actually is I started to doubt myself. Back in 2013 I made it a goal to watch 92 different anime during the year. Some said it was impossible. At that time they were right, I only completed 23 at the start and never watched anything for the rest of the year, last year my goal was to have watched more anime than any of my friends, so that equated to me having to watch 48 days of anime throughout the year and I have to say it’s not as hard as some might think. At the moment I’m currently at 45 days and my end date for this goal is the 28th of Feb. A pattern I’ve noticed is that there are periods of time where I won’t watch any anime for 2 weeks, I then think damn I’m never going to watch all the anime at this rate and I start watching again.

So far in the past week I’ve caught up to Naruto Shippuuden and have nearly completed Beezelbub so roughly 90 episodes of anime. I actually really enjoy Beelzebub which is kinda strange since comedy anime are normally squandered on me as I never really find them funny.

For manga I’ve been reading Kamisama no Iutoori ni which is the second series to the original, it’s placed at the same time at the first which worries me as I feel like some of the events are going to be repeated just like the first one but other than that it’s good so far.

That’s all for now, until next time. Elijah

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