When asked for anime recommendations the one thing I hate being told is that they prefer this genre or only a certain art style. What this says to me is that the person isn’t willing to actually branch out into different anime, that they aren’t willing to give new genres a chance. One thing they all say is that I’m running out of things to watch, well really you can’t run out of anime to watch because according to MAL there are 30, 177 anime that have been released or going to be released. Another thing about this is when people say I prefer to watch in English. Ok I understand wanting to watch in English only but that’s one of the reasons you are running out of anime to watch. It’s a fact there are a lot more anime in Japanese then in English and that is one of the reasons I prefer watching in Japanese. I prefer the voice acting but it also allows me to watch a lot more anime. In summary just reduce your standards or criteria and you will realize that there is a lot of anime to watch.

So far in the past week I have watched Beelzebub, as I said in my review I actually really enjoyed watching it. I have started watching Argevollen which is a mech anime series set during a war. It’s interesting that’s all I’m going to say and I’ll leave all my thoughts and opinions until tomorrow. I ended up spending Sunday catching up on the anime I had been neglecting to catch up on such as Diamond no Ace and Naruto Shippuuden yet I still haven’t caught up to everything yet. I still have to watch the latest episodes of One Piece, Aikatsu, finish watching Akami ga Kill Theater and Pokemon the Johto league. That’s a lot to catch up on.

In terms of Manga I caught up to Kamisama no Iutoori Ni which is the best manga I have read easily. I really enjoyed Death Note but this I just like more. So far I haven’t chosen a manga to review this week. Maybe it will be Death Note, who will know? One thing for sure is that I need to step up my manga game so then I don’t look like a filthy casual.

Any way thank you for reading today make sure you come back tomorrow for my review of Argevollen and check out my reviews from last week. Beelzebub and Kamisama no Iutoori Ni.

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