Argevollen Review

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Anime, Anime Guide, Anime Reviews
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In the war that has placed Arandas in a disadvantageous position, as part of Individual unit 8, rookie pilot Susumu Tokimune races onto a battlefield to save a civilian. In the process his mech is destroyed and unusable. In the cargo that the civilian truck is carrying is a brand new mech model that Susumu is forced to pilot in order to change the situation he finds himself in.

Argevollen’s story is rather unsatisfying, we are placed into a situation with little to no information about it. All you know is that there is a war between two nations and that one side is losing. Sure you learn things along the way but there are questions that are unanswered though out the 24 episodes. Why is there a war happening? How did it start? I understand that this isn’t the focus of the anime but it would have been nice to understand why they are in war. Why is Takimune in Individual unit 8? According to the anime it’s a specialist unit that helps out along the front lines. So then why would a rookie be placed into a specialist unit? Questions aside where the story is focused is kind of sketchy in itself. Jamie’s job is to be the engineer of Argevollen and yet she doesn’t really tell Tokimune a lot about the mech in itself. One thing Argevollen tends to do is give you a lot of information in one sitting about the connections of certain characters, sure this isn’t much of a problem in itself but then the anime will let you watch a few battles before telling you more information. The pacing is rather slow and by the end I found myself saying that it was unsatisfying as the story doesn’t really achieve what you want it to achieve in any sense and screams out that the is an intended sequel. Argevollen tends to do things sporadically as skip time forward by two months so then the viewer has absolutely no idea what has happened. There are a few filler episodes early on in Argevollen but they aren’t really a big issue as they follow the idea that Arandas is falling behind in the war. Overall I give the Story a 5/10.

The characters in Argevollen are aggravating to the point where the three mechanic girls have the best personalities in the entire anime. The character designs were terrible every character looked like every other character in the anime and I actually ended up confusing two completely different characters because they looked exactly the same. There isn’t really any character development in the anime so the characters never really became more mature or anything like that. Argevollen pointed at a romance between Tokimune and Jamie through out the entire anime and never actually built upon it, sure I expect some awkward scenes with them but they never showed any signs that there relationship was going to go any further as friends which really frustrated me. Susumu Tokimune is the rookie mech pilot who becomes the pilot of Argevollen and becomes an essential part of Individual unit 8. His personality follows the hero who is wants to save civilians and his friends from harms way. Jami Hazaford is the engineer of Argevollen who is essential to booting it up and running system checks, she tends to be anxious and uptight through out the anime. Samonji Ukyou is the captain of Individual unit 8, he tends to be a very emotionless character with deep and lingering problemds from the past. Suzushiro Saori is kind and friendly second in command to Captain Samonji, she also appears to have a deeper relationship with the captain. Overall I give the Characters a 4/10.

Art and animation
The art and animation has to be the strongest point in Argevollen. The art is actually really good as the backgrounds always had a lot of detail in them. As I was watching I said “Damn those rocks look good.” With the added detail to the scenery it made me happy knowing that all hope wasn’t lost on this anime. The only complaint with the art would be the choice of what was glowing, I understand open doors would have a glow to them but trees, this really made me thing maybe the art isn’t perfect after all. Aside from that the animation was both great and bad at the same time. The mechs were really good, they just looked nice on screen which really amazed me since CG type animation normally never impresses me but the mechs did impress me. The motion most of the time was fluid yet I recall a time where a pan shot was done and that was pretty choppy. During scenes with dialogue there was no movement happening in the background or with the characters which was disappointing as it could have made for some more interesting pieces within the anime. The fights were really great to watch, as previously stated the motion was very fluid so the fights benifited from it. There were some scenes where you would see the Argevollen become faster and they put emphasis on bullets that were fired at it to really prove the point. Overall I give the art and animation a total of 7/10.

Music and Sound
The music in Argevollen is what i like to see in an anime, suspenseful, dramatic, blood pumping and sad.The sound track fits the anime quite well and compliments the different scenes very nicely, the sound track consisted of a lot of orchestral music with strings and brass which is a really nice fit to the anime. The sound effects were quite realistic and seemed authentic to the actual motion, combat and movement. The voice acting can go either way, you could say its good or bad but in this case I would say its rather average. Nothing really grabbed my attention that made me think “damn that’s some good voice acting.” Yet I feel that compared to the rest of the anime it fits nicely as Argevollen isn’t exactly an anime of brilliant caliber by no means. Overall I give the music and sound a 6/10.

Final Thoughts
Argevollen did not meet my expectations from the Preview trailer of it yet saying that it really isn’t a bad thing it didn’t. In terms of anime or anything with a trailer if the anime in this case meets all your expectations from what you have gathered from the trailer then the anime really isn’t going to surprise you in any manner. All that aside, overall I give Argevollen a total of 5.5 and recommend it if you enjoy mech anime or good fight scenes.

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