Attack on Titan Review

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Manga Guide, Manga Reviews
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Humans once roamed the lands of the world freely until one day creatures known as titans threatened their very existence. Nearly being brought to the brink of extinction humanity has learnt to live behind walls in order to survive. After 100 years of peace titans once again threaten the existence of humanity.

Attack on Titan is pretty unpredictable, sure there may be one or two cases that the outcome is predictable but for the majority of it the manga keeps you guessing. As more mysteries arise after countless encounters with the titans the more complicated it gets. There is information that is with held from the reader in order to make the keep wondering which is an aspect that I appreciate as it keeps the reader interested and wanting to learn more. The downside to this though is that the amount of things that are kept from the reader makes it more confusing on what is going on, occasionally in the story they will skip back 20 hours in order to tell the back story of the events that led to that particular moment, this ends up confusing the reader in some sense but they normally do a good job in reducing confusion by having it noted on the panels somewhere. Sometimes the methods used to build suspense don’ t work very well, in these cases they will with hold information in the middle of a conversation only to skip to another scenario which in turn confuses or annoys the reader.With a lot of back story involving the characters it makes it easy to understand the motives of characters. Overall I give the story a 7/10.

The Characters in Attack on Titan are really interesting, the majority of them come from different backgrounds allowing for a more variety in characters. I wouldn’t say the characters are relatable as most of them come from situations that are abnormal yet the relations between all the characters are portrayed quite realistically. The hard choices made in a war to protect the existence of humanity are shown in the expressions of characters, to choose survival or to choose to save others in a chance you will die. The character designs on the other hand are quite average and suffer from characters looking identical to each other. With most characters getting their own back story you really do get to learn a lot not just about the characters but also the conditions of the land they live in is like. Yeager Eren is the protagonist of the series, after living through the events of the collosal titan breaking down the wall he vowed to exterminate each and every titian. Often described as the idiot who rushes to the enemy looking for his death, Eren is rather fearless and will never back down from a fight, especially on that allows him to save his friends. Ackerman Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend and is extremely gifted in combat, she tends to appear rather heartless and cruel to people except to Armin and Eren, through out the time she has known Eren it has been her job to protect Eren and to get him out of the situations he finds himself in. Arlet Armin is the strategist of the trio, being childhood friends with Mikasa and Eren he is the weakest of the three with little muscle power which he makes up for with his ability to assess the situation and narrow down possibilities based on information he has received. Overall I give the characters a 7/10.

The art in Attack on Titan is rather simple, in saying that it tends to be quite “dirty” and what I mean by that is that there is a lot of darkness in the art that allows to portray the story as a dark and heartless world instead of just an action series. This works quite well to get points across to the reader yet it has it’s downfall in the fact that it also makes fights in particular hard to follow. The art does get spruced though in certain panels making the art more clean for yet again more effects. The backgrounds are also very simple or even yet ignored, this makes it hard for the reader to be able to determine what the land looks like. The expressions and emotions shown by characters are neglected though and don’t actually look all that good. The fighs between titans also gets rather confusing as the art style is simple so two titans can look quite similar. The exception to this is that when the squards are fighting the titans with their blades the effect of brutality really shows. I often found myself pitying the titans when their eyes where either slashed or gauged as it always looked so brutal. With the art being the weakest link in the manga is lets it down as the visuals are what help get the reader through the series. Overall I give the art a 5/10

Final Thoughts
Attack on Titan is definitely an interesting series yet with the amount of questions raised it does become complicated but in a good way. It makes you think about everything that has happened through out the series so then you can come to a logical conclusion in the end, well that’s if you can find one at least. With a weak art style it can be distracting to read it time to time but the characters can easily make up for it. Overall I give Attack on Titan a total of 6.3/10 with the recommendation of reading it if you enjoy action packed series with a story to question you every step of the way.

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