Living the Dream Week 4

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Anime, Living the Dream, Manga
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So the idea of procrastination is something I am very familiar with, in fact I haven’t even posted yesterdays post because of it. So the common idea is that you use anime and manga to procrastinate from the work at hand yet in my case I use YouTube, Twitch and games to procrastinate from anime and manga. Yes that’s right I procrastinate of anime and manga, now this is quite odd as you would think that all I ever did was watch anime and read manga well on the contrary sometimes I feel burnt out and need a break yet this website has me ignoring those signs, fortunately this weeks anime and manga are quite short. I do plan to catch up very soon so please bear with it for the mean time. Also I passed my driving test today so I’m street legal.

The anime I have been watching this week have involved One Piece, One Piece never ceases to amaze me on how great the story telling is. I have also been watching Campione! and man Campione! is a fun anime to watch. Sure I take a serious look at anime to see what their strong and weak points are and that usually takes away some of the enjoyment of the anime yet Campione! is very different. I find it really fun, there are the obvious problems with it but that will be for tomorrow’s review.

So I finished Attack on Titan, well caught up at least and I have to say that the hype was really built up on it, I think the complexity of it is what really kept me interested in the manga, some might say it’s a flaw but from my point of view its actually a plus.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out our other content. I might also be adding a new segment on the weekend so keep and eye out for that.

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