While in Italy to return an old stone tablet for his grandfather, Kusanagi Godou finds himself being held a knife point for the tablet being accused to stealing it. As this is happening trouble occurs and Godou finds himself in the middle of a battle with Gods.

Campione! had a lot of potential yet it didn’t act upon that yet it doesn’t really mean it’s a bad thing. The concept of the story was interesting, modern day God slayers and heroes with ancient Gods from all beliefs such as Roman and Greek Gods. One of the many downsides was that the anime would skip a lot of crucial information and events that happen in the novels. One of these is when they reference to the fight that Godou has with Doni Salvatore, you start to question if you have missed and episode or two as at the time it’s made out to be a big event. The reason why this doesn’t bother me is because there are 17 novels along with 12 side novels so have the anime skip some information to show some of the big battles doesn’t really make a big difference. Due to this Campione! is really fast paced but you don’t lose yourself in the story as you can still grasp what is happening. The story had a feeling that it wasn’t really connect nicely, since the battles are taken from different places in the story they did an OK job to piece it together as smooth as possible but the fact that you only meet some of the camiones that are spoken about. One of the positives are that the anime conveys feeling perfectly, when you are in the moment most romance scenes are very sweet and you can really feel the love that is intended to reach the audience. In saying this there are a few moments that don’t convey emotion no where near a well as it normally is. Overall I give the story a 5/10.

The characters are easily the best part of Campione! in a sense, you could say that the characters are somewhat shallow with no story behind them, you have to take them for face value but I don’t think that’s a problem. Part of the charm of the characters is that you don’t know of their past, the characters feel authentic in there feelings and in their actions. The one character who doesn’t really fit this mold would have to be Mariya Yuri, a lot of the times when she is involved she doesn’t really convey the feelings to the viewer that is intended to be conveyed. The character development is a weird thing in the anime, most of the development with characters happen with the first encounter so they don’t really change all too much through out the anime. Kusanagi, Godou is the regular protagonist, he claims to be a pacifist until he actually as to fight, seeing his friends as people he has to protect and holds dear to him, he is willing to fight for their safety. Blandelli Erica is also known as the red devil from the Copper Black Cross, she is in love with Godou and says that she has to be number one in his life. Being a strong fighter she is often at Godou’s side for battles. Kranjcar Liliana is Godou’s knight, she is a very serious person who treats her role very important, being a member of the Bronze Black Cross and is Erica’s rival. She also has a passion for writing romance novels. Mariya Yuri is the pure Princess Shrine Maiden who also happens to be in love Godou, she tends to be very shy but she will critisize Godou if he makes a foolish decision, she claims that she is there to make sure that Godou is kept in line. Overall I give the characters a 9/10.

Art and Animation
The art in Campione! is above average, the characters are nothing special but the scenery has a bit of detail in it, the animation was also average. The motion was smooth but there wasn’t any movement during scenes where characters are talking, they will just be sitting or standing there talking and none of them will move or there weren’t being anything happening in the background. The 3D animation was surprisingly good, it wasn’t amazing or anything but it didn’t take all the focus away from the the traditional animation, given that a lot of anime tend to do 3D animation poorly I was impressed. The fight scenes were really anticlimactic, the fights never looked impressive and Godou never really had a surprising win. The fights basically followed the same formula each time. At first he gets slapped around and outclassed, then he will kiss a girl and have them use their teaching magic to teach him about the God and/or God power they have and then defeat them. The fights were never exciting because of this. Overall I give the art and animation a 5/10

Music and Sound
The music in Campione! was really forgettable, there wasn’t that one song that you would remember that, along with that note the music wasn’t emphasized so it made it harder to spot music and it was just blended in, which is fine but even the fight scenes there was no distinct song you could hear play. The sound track itself is enjoyable to listen to even though some of the songs sound like other songs. The mix is what suprised me, there were the medieval style songs which is to be expected of Campione! but there were also songs that sounded like they belonged in Lord of the Rings. The voice acting was average, nothing really stood out to make me think that any particular character had a good voice acting. The actors did their job and provided realistic tones and expressions in their voices. Overall I give the music and sound a 5/10

Final Thoughts
Campione! may seem like an anime that really isn’t worth your time and you would be right. If it weren’t for how fun it was to watch Campione! I might have said differently. Despite all the flaws in the anime it was still fun to watch. I give Campione! a total of 6/10 and a recommendation of it if you don’t really care for flashy fight scenes or a plot that makes total sense but just want to simply enjoy watching an anime.


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