After his parents go overseas to work Usa Kazunari moves into the Kawai complex where lives a few strange renters but he also finds himself living in the same complex as his crush at high school Kawai Ritsu.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is your stereotypical romance comedy yet it has a twist, they already live together. Normally we find the boy and girl in interest only knowing each other at home but in this scenario they already live under the same roof meaning that we get to see them after school interacting with each other and how hard Usa tries to get closer to Ritsu. This story is very captivating and you easily find yourself absorbed wanting to learn more. It does it’s job to explain everything in the situation and setting that we found ourselves in and fulfills everything the reader wants to see, sure the romance does go slow but that is the very nature of the characters so it really didn’t bother me as it made the story all the more sweeter to read. The chapters at first follow a series of events that happens in daily lives but as you get further into the story the chapters start to flow off one “arc”. I say arc but it’s better to say scenario, and this scenario may not be solved for 2 chapters, sure the scenarios aren’t very long but when you compare them to those of real life it’s an accurate depiction of what happens. As you are reading the idea of predictability and can I hypothesize on what happens next doesn’t enter the readers mind, in fact all you are concerned about is will Usa and Ritsu’s bond grow closer as the chapters go on? With a rather simple story you aren’t having to write notes or back tracking so then you have the entire gist of the story as you are reading, its really nice as it allows you to focus on other details like dialogue and artwork. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is brilliant if you want to get excited and giggle like a group of teenage girls when they discuss boys as you will often find yourself wrapped up in the present, there are many examples that can be given when emotion isn’t expressed well but Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou does it perfectly. Overall I give the story a 10/10.

The characters are brilliant in Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, my only complaint would be that you don’t get to learn about the supporting characters all to much just a few details here and there, yet if they were to focus on the supporting characters entirely it would hurt the progress of Usa and Ritsu but they do explore the supporting characters just a little so then it’s not just two characters throughout the entire story. The relationship between Usa and Ritsu is really enjoyable to watch as you can really see how close the two actually get. Kawai Ritsu is the book loving girl who would rather read books then make any unnecessary interactions with people, the fact that she is shy and antisocial adds to her charm as she can often get flustered when something happens and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. Usa Kazunari is your average teenager, he likes manga and video games yet he is madly in love with Ritsu and tries really hard to close the gap between them so then he can date her, Usa’s development through the story is rather big as he tries so hard to get Ritsu’s approval, you see him go through stages of happiness to depression. The manga does have a lot of characters that they introduce through the chapters and even though some characters may not be all that relevant in the here and the now they become very relevant later on in the series. The personalities of the characters are actually really good, normally I find them rather unoriginal but I didn’t find that with this, sure Usa is a stereotypical teenager it’s still enjoyable to see him try so hard for Ritsu. Overall I give the characters a 9/10.

The art is rather simple and is the weakest link in the manga but it fits the majority of scenarios rather well, the story doesn’t demand for brilliant art that blows you mind away but it gives you what you want at the best moments, normally this is when you are given portraits of Ritsu and these are very well drawn and make me just want to admire the art for a few minutes before moving onto the next panel, they make an effort for nice art where it counts and the readers are all the more happy for it. When the art isn’t super high quality it defiantly is simple making it easier to make a sense of motion with the characters, when reading this you find yourself reading to the pace of the scenario and that’s a reaction that I like to see. When the art makes me read to its pace, sometimes the art demands lots of attention and sometimes it makes you want to read faster to get a feeling of fast motion. The art allows you imagination to travel as you read which is an effect I don’t get all to often when I read manga. Overall I give the art a 7/10.

Final Thoughts
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a must read for anyone who is a fan of romance manga, at first I admit I didn’t think I would see anything out of the ordinary romance even though I love the genre but after getting absorbed into the story I realized that it was by far the best romance I have ever read, allowing me to give Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou a total of 8.6/10.

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