Living the Dream Week 5

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Anime, Living the Dream, Manga
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Normally this time this week I have something that I want to talk about or rant about but nothing is really hitting me this week. I am attending an anime convention in 11 days and I am super pumped for that, I plan on the first day just to go and splurge all my money on manga, what I have in mind is the entire Bakuman collection and issues 4-7 of Deadman Wonderland. Other than that if I find any cool figures I will buy those. My plan for the second day is to spend it in the video games area and compete in the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament. I won it last year so lets hope that this year is also prosperous.

In terms of the anime I have watched in the last week I was originally intending to watch D.Gray-man as I purchased it back in December but just haven’t gotten around to watching it but since Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou took so long to read, not that it was a bad thing. It was going to be to hard to watch all of D.Gray-man so that is why I decided Day Break Illusion. I don’t know how to feel on Day Break Illusion, normally I have a certain idea when I’m halfway through an anime but not with this.

For manga I was thinking of attempting to read Coppelion yet it’s rather long so I might not get through it all by Friday. I could also do the Light Novels for Campione because I am rather interested to see how that compares to the anime adaption.

Click here for our reviews on Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou and Campione!

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