So through out the day I tend to think to myself “Am I watching enough anime/ reading enough manga?” Well if I wasn’t running this website I wouldn’t be that’s for sure but since I have been writing reviews I find myself watching less and less anime and reading less manga. I think to myself that my goal will never be obtainable at this pace but on the other hand it makes me happy cause I get to share my opinions on different anime and manga and it makes it some what worth the sacrifice. Even though I am constantly thinking of ways to read and watch more my life is at peace currently.

For anime this week I have started Encouragement of Climb season 1 and from what I have seen the animation is splendid and I’m in love with it already, Day Break Illusion was really too lack luster for my tastes so this feels like the medicine I needed to make sure I don’t overload on sub par anime.

Manga is an interesting story, since I didn’t have the time to read Coppelion last week there wasn’t a review so this week I want to try and read both Coppelion and Death Note and release both of them as reviews to make up for last week, Coppelion is actually really interesting and Death Note as always is fun to read so I look forward to writing reviews for them.

Click here to read our review on Day Break Illusion

  1. Kurisu says:

    I’ve also found that the amount of anime I’ve watched and manga I’ve read has drastically dropped since I started blogging, but having specific columns helps me keep up with anime and manga. I don’t really feel like I’m sacrificing anything by choosing to blog about brilliant stories rather than trying to watch as many anime as possible. I’ve decided to stop being a masochist and watching anime that don’t deserve my time and attention.

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    • tehelfie says:

      The main difference for me now when writing reviews compared to last year where I was just watching is that I am forced to think about the anime and the way it’s produced as well as the manga while before it was more like “I don’t care as long as it’s anime.”

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