Aoi is a girl who prefers hobbies and activities that can be done indoors, after an accident she had when she was younger she has become afraid of heights. Her childhood friend loves to climb mountains, as she drags Aoi to do mountain climbing Aoi is scared of what kind of mountains she will be climbing.

Encouragment of Climb is a short series of episodes that are around 3 minutes long, the story tells the viewer of the friendship between Aoi and Hinata, two childhood friends that have very different tastes in hobbies. The story in itself is very simple but in this case the story never needed to be complicated, the pacing of the story was very slow, there would be multiple episodes for one mountain climb where nothing in terms of complications would occur. The main idea of the story isn’t that Aoi is scared of heights or that she is climbing mountains, it’s that she is getting more friends since she started climbing mountains. The story is rather predictable but being a series of shorts and that is to be expected since unlike other shorts this series follows a series of events that link episodes together which is a nice change and something that longer anime series could do better. With Encouragement of Climb being a short series there isn’t any conflict or turn of events that faced the story which made it some what boring to watch. Overall I give the story a total of 6/10.

The characters in Encouragement of Climb were fairly average, they didn’t really develop besides Aoi who become less of an introvert throughout the series. The characters weren’t a main focus of the anime but that didn’t really matter too much, the characters were already explained at their introductions and the amount of time that actually passes in the anime is too short for any real character development to actually take place. Aoba Kokona is a middle school girl who has an interest in wild life but she shows most of her passion in cooking. She is rather quiet and shy but can also be an airhead as well. Kuraue Hinata is the outgoing childhood friend of Aoi, she loves to climb mountains and is rather blunt when it come to criticizing people especially Aoi. Saitou Kaede doesn’t get too much screen time but it’s obvious that she is a passionate mountain climber. Yukimura Aoi is an introvert who much prefers indoor hobbies such as arts and crafts along with cooking. She then has a re-kindled love for mountain climbing coming back to her even though she is still afraid of heights and will only climb smaller mountains. Overall I give the characters a 5/10.

Art and Animation
The art and animation was the pinnacle of these series of shorts, it’s a way to show off what the company can do so then they can get work for bigger titled anime. This is something I appreciate in a lot of shorts as it just looks brilliant when I watch them and Encouragement of Climb is no different in any way. The art was quite detailed since a lot of the anime is based in mountains and outside it’s only natural to have detailed forests and bush. The scenery was very nice and emphasis on detail made the scenery even more eye catching. The animation was also brilliant to watch, to start the anime off they show a scene where two girls are walking over to Aoi in first person and it was done quite well, there were times where I thought that the quality of the animation was low. Overall I give the art and animation an 8/10.

Sound and Music
The music in Encouragement of Climb wasn’t memorable, I guess with less focus on the music area that is to be expected. When going back to the anime I can’t recall any tracks that I heard, the 3 minutes that the episodes are it’s really hard to notice the music since you aren’t concentrating on that aspect of the anime. The voice acting was accurate though, each voice represented their corresponding character rather well making it a more enjoyable experience to watch. The voice acting wasn’t outstanding but since there wasn’t any conflict there wasn’t any need for a large range of expressions. This leaves the music and sound rather bleak. Overall I give the sound and music a total of 5/10.

Final Thoughts
Would I say that Encouragement of Climb is a must see? No, it isn’t in that realm of anime yet it isn’t in the realm of never touch the anime for your life span. If I was to recommend it, it would be to watch it before you go to bed or when you have a 30 minute gap in your day. The anime is rather anti-climatic so it’s perfect for a bedtime piece and only lasts for 36 minutes total so it can be watched in a short period of time. Overall I give Encouragement of Climb a total of 6/10.

  1. Kurisu says:

    There’s also the sequel which consists of 24 13-minute episodes or something. I had yama no susume on my plan to watch for ages. I guess I should just watch it before bed then. It sounds like it would put me to sleep.


    • tehelfie says:

      I always find shorts interesting to watch yet Encouragement of Climb in a way sets a higher standard for them then what other shorts present. Most shorts just have episodic based episodes which sometimes make little to no sense. I think that’s what I enjoyed most about it.


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