Wait, I’m Returning?!

Posted: June 23, 2017 in Anime, Manga, Uncategorized

Introductions are strange, in one light they are required when meeting someone new but in another they are a repetitive task we find ourselves in. In an essay or written piece an introduction is crucial to retaining the readers who may pray their eyes upon it. In turn this is my attempt at an interesting introduction to this post.

A few years have past and I have grown older and hopefully wiser. The original reason of my hiatus has already been discussed in the past but nothing more about it. The reason for such an extended hiatus was due to a multitude of reasons. One being that I haven’t watched all that much anime, a shocker I know. I found myself constantly being frustrated by the lack of anime I indulged in and kept questioning whether or not I was past my days as an anime lover. The answer to this is no, in fact I feel like my appreciation for it has grown even more.

So what changed? I think I found myself no longer having as much time on my hands and wanting to explore other hobbies I wanted to try or neglected. As someone who works a lot I found myself being more “tired” than I once was at the end of each day. I had many hobbies I had also been neglecting that I wanted to dedicate my time to as well.

My approach to anime had also changed. I once had a dream to watch every anime that was available. One which people could say is rather pointless, what is the point of watching every anime? There isn’t really, I think this dream stemmed from frustration at a friend who once said they have a better opinion on what good anime are and what bad anime are due to them having watched more than what I had. A silly reason for me to be irritated but none the less I was and hence my dream was born. I felt that if I had watched every anime possible I would be the expert in the field. Someone that others looked up to due to my vast knowledge on anime.

Of course, I was wrong. What I have learned is that it doesn’t matter how much anime I have watched. All that matters is finding a group of people who share the same ideas as you. Just because I watched x amount of anime doesn’t mean everyone will think I’m always right. In fact it’s very elitist to think such things, to think that my opinion is greater than most others is rather arrogant.

So let’s get to the important topic, the fact I’m returning to writing anime and manga reviews. Expect two reviews a week, an anime one on Monday and a manga one on Wednesday. I hope to see you all reading the new reviews and posts I will be bringing in the near future.

Your Otaku friend Elijah

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