Accel World Review

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Anime, Anime Guide, Anime Reviews, Uncategorized

In the year 2046 the transition to augmented reality has been perfect with the use of Neuro linkers, a device that allows people to connect to each other and the internet with just a few swipes. Haruyuki Arita is someone who takes pride in their great skill and knowledge of video games, even though he made be great in the virtual world he is weak and bullied in the real world. As a form of escape he plays games and once he finds out his high score has been defeated he breaks down, only to be soon invited to join the accelerated world.

Accel World is an interesting anime. It’s a different take on the video game genre as our characters aren’t stuck in the game that they play, instead they play a highly secretive game only few can access called brain burst. In this game all pain is simulated and you can lose your life… in game of course. You see brain burst is a game where if you lose all your points your character is then deleted. Not like playing a game on hardcore mode where you have to start from the beginning but where the game and all memories of it are wiped from you. This anime explores the psychology of different characters and though some of them aren’t explored greatly our main character is, this is similar to a sports anime in a way. The thing I feel that makes sports anime great is the impact of winning and losing and how it effects the players. Accel World is very similar in its set up. I think the main weakness of Accel World is that there is a lot more depth to be explore yet we don’t get to see it to fruition, such as fighting techniques and anything about the other kings.

Arguably the biggest strength in Accel World are its characters, most notably Haruyuki. As the chubby and short gamer you can imagine he isn’t the most popular kid in class. This character is what I feel to be a very relatable character for a lot of viewers. The beauty of video games is that no one knows who you are, so you can be judged based on your personality and your skill unlike in the real world where looks come first. Haruyuki struggles a lot, he takes losses very seriously and beats himself up about it, not because he’s bad or he takes games too seriously but as someone who knows this is all they have left. Even after befriending the school idol he still has doubt that it is all real, leading a life of having no friends has left him doubting all possible acts of friendship believing everyone is taking pity on him.

The art in itself is nice and adds to the world that this all takes place in. Depicting the world we find ourselves in and the virtual world of Brain Burst which at times is very post apocalyptic and at others very serene. The animation also compliments the anime rather nicely and lets fight scenes pop and have that certain flare to it.

Overall Accel World does a lot of things right and is very easy to recommend to others to watch it. It has a little bit of everything in it and caters to not just one audience. The actual viewing experience is one I describe as fun. All in all I give Accel World a 8/10

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