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So it has been a while since I last posted a review or a blog post here. I decided to take an unannounced break after I completed watching Gurren Lagan which honestly broke me because of how terrible I perceive the ending. I understand it’s meant to be really symbolic and all but it just didn’t cut it for me. I was writing the review for it when I was I just said “No, no more of this, I don’t want to deal with this anime anymore.” I was maybe only 100 words away from actually completing the review but that aside it wasn’t really fun.

I then watched Redline, an amazing film with amazing story and art until the ending which once again just broke the entire film for me, I couldn’t even start writing a review it was that depressing. It was at this stage I decided I needed a break in the world of anime as I wasn’t really in taking anime in a way I found enjoyable.

As you would know I started the living the dream blog posts to document what I had watched and read throughout the week and discuss the near impossible dream of actually being able to watch every anime to have been released since 1917. ┬áThe only problem is that the list is so expansive that you don’t know where to start and it can demotivate you. When you look at your list of 100 different anime and 40 days watched and compare it to how many anime there actually are you just think is there an actual way for me to do this and is it worth it if I can’t complete this endless backlog.

After struggling for months to find this answer I decided to dabble in other things with my newly found spare time, these things included live streaming and hearthstone. These are defiantly fun things to do but don’t have the same resonance with me that anime has.

As you can guess I am a big patriot of MAL or MyAnimeList, I use it to organize my library of anime I have viewed. Recently they added in the new feature of seasonal anime, this intrigued me as other sites offer this service but I am never really satisfied. Well as you can guess MAL did it just right, I can go all the way back to 1917 and start watching anime through this method and believe it or not you can actually find a lot of the older anime on YouTube and other websites.

The reason I am so excited by this is because there is 98 years of anime history, 1917-2015, I can track my progress based on the years instead of the number which is a lot lower. I am currently on 1934 meaning I only have 81 years of anime to catch up on. It feels so renewing when you look at it that way and trust me I am really excited for Winter 1963 as we have the iconic Astro Boy to watch.

Now your going to want to ask “Elijah are you still going to write reviews?”
The answer to this is yes and no. I will continue to write reviews when I get to an anime that has story that can be commented upon rather then just saying over and over again, the story was only so-so but that is because anime was still new and the budget for making films expensive so they couldn’t make anything other 10 minutes.

Will I still do manga reviews?
Well even though I like manga I feel like it takes away from the experience on the website and means I can’t put in as much time as I would like into the reviews and watching of anime.

I will still give you weekly updates on what I watch and read at the moment and hopefully the website will be in full force in the near future.

Thanks for reading, Elijah.

So through out the day I tend to think to myself “Am I watching enough anime/ reading enough manga?” Well if I wasn’t running this website I wouldn’t be that’s for sure but since I have been writing reviews I find myself watching less and less anime and reading less manga. I think to myself that my goal will never be obtainable at this pace but on the other hand it makes me happy cause I get to share my opinions on different anime and manga and it makes it some what worth the sacrifice. Even though I am constantly thinking of ways to read and watch more my life is at peace currently.

For anime this week I have started Encouragement of Climb season 1 and from what I have seen the animation is splendid and I’m in love with it already, Day Break Illusion was really too lack luster for my tastes so this feels like the medicine I needed to make sure I don’t overload on sub par anime.

Manga is an interesting story, since I didn’t have the time to read Coppelion last week there wasn’t a review so this week I want to try and read both Coppelion and Death Note and release both of them as reviews to make up for last week, Coppelion is actually really interesting and Death Note as always is fun to read so I look forward to writing reviews for them.

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Normally this time this week I have something that I want to talk about or rant about but nothing is really hitting me this week. I am attending an anime convention in 11 days and I am super pumped for that, I plan on the first day just to go and splurge all my money on manga, what I have in mind is the entire Bakuman collection and issues 4-7 of Deadman Wonderland. Other than that if I find any cool figures I will buy those. My plan for the second day is to spend it in the video games area and compete in the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament. I won it last year so lets hope that this year is also prosperous.

In terms of the anime I have watched in the last week I was originally intending to watch D.Gray-man as I purchased it back in December but just haven’t gotten around to watching it but since Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou took so long to read, not that it was a bad thing. It was going to be to hard to watch all of D.Gray-man so that is why I decided Day Break Illusion. I don’t know how to feel on Day Break Illusion, normally I have a certain idea when I’m halfway through an anime but not with this.

For manga I was thinking of attempting to read Coppelion yet it’s rather long so I might not get through it all by Friday. I could also do the Light Novels for Campione because I am rather interested to see how that compares to the anime adaption.

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So the idea of procrastination is something I am very familiar with, in fact I haven’t even posted yesterdays post because of it. So the common idea is that you use anime and manga to procrastinate from the work at hand yet in my case I use YouTube, Twitch and games to procrastinate from anime and manga. Yes that’s right I procrastinate of anime and manga, now this is quite odd as you would think that all I ever did was watch anime and read manga well on the contrary sometimes I feel burnt out and need a break yet this website has me ignoring those signs, fortunately this weeks anime and manga are quite short. I do plan to catch up very soon so please bear with it for the mean time. Also I passed my driving test today so I’m street legal.

The anime I have been watching this week have involved One Piece, One Piece never ceases to amaze me on how great the story telling is. I have also been watching Campione! and man Campione! is a fun anime to watch. Sure I take a serious look at anime to see what their strong and weak points are and that usually takes away some of the enjoyment of the anime yet Campione! is very different. I find it really fun, there are the obvious problems with it but that will be for tomorrow’s review.

So I finished Attack on Titan, well caught up at least and I have to say that the hype was really built up on it, I think the complexity of it is what really kept me interested in the manga, some might say it’s a flaw but from my point of view its actually a plus.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out our other content. I might also be adding a new segment on the weekend so keep and eye out for that.

When asked for anime recommendations the one thing I hate being told is that they prefer this genre or only a certain art style. What this says to me is that the person isn’t willing to actually branch out into different anime, that they aren’t willing to give new genres a chance. One thing they all say is that I’m running out of things to watch, well really you can’t run out of anime to watch because according to MAL there are 30, 177 anime that have been released or going to be released. Another thing about this is when people say I prefer to watch in English. Ok I understand wanting to watch in English only but that’s one of the reasons you are running out of anime to watch. It’s a fact there are a lot more anime in Japanese then in English and that is one of the reasons I prefer watching in Japanese. I prefer the voice acting but it also allows me to watch a lot more anime. In summary just reduce your standards or criteria and you will realize that there is a lot of anime to watch.

So far in the past week I have watched Beelzebub, as I said in my review I actually really enjoyed watching it. I have started watching Argevollen which is a mech anime series set during a war. It’s interesting that’s all I’m going to say and I’ll leave all my thoughts and opinions until tomorrow. I ended up spending Sunday catching up on the anime I had been neglecting to catch up on such as Diamond no Ace and Naruto Shippuuden yet I still haven’t caught up to everything yet. I still have to watch the latest episodes of One Piece, Aikatsu, finish watching Akami ga Kill Theater and Pokemon the Johto league. That’s a lot to catch up on.

In terms of Manga I caught up to Kamisama no Iutoori Ni which is the best manga I have read easily. I really enjoyed Death Note but this I just like more. So far I haven’t chosen a manga to review this week. Maybe it will be Death Note, who will know? One thing for sure is that I need to step up my manga game so then I don’t look like a filthy casual.

Any way thank you for reading today make sure you come back tomorrow for my review of Argevollen and check out my reviews from last week. Beelzebub and Kamisama no Iutoori Ni.

So as time goes on we all built hopes and doubts, it’s really interesting as time goes on though. Last year at the start of the year I thought. I will be able to watch every anime ever yet when realising how grand the task actually is I started to doubt myself. Back in 2013 I made it a goal to watch 92 different anime during the year. Some said it was impossible. At that time they were right, I only completed 23 at the start and never watched anything for the rest of the year, last year my goal was to have watched more anime than any of my friends, so that equated to me having to watch 48 days of anime throughout the year and I have to say it’s not as hard as some might think. At the moment I’m currently at 45 days and my end date for this goal is the 28th of Feb. A pattern I’ve noticed is that there are periods of time where I won’t watch any anime for 2 weeks, I then think damn I’m never going to watch all the anime at this rate and I start watching again.

So far in the past week I’ve caught up to Naruto Shippuuden and have nearly completed Beezelbub so roughly 90 episodes of anime. I actually really enjoy Beelzebub which is kinda strange since comedy anime are normally squandered on me as I never really find them funny.

For manga I’ve been reading Kamisama no Iutoori ni which is the second series to the original, it’s placed at the same time at the first which worries me as I feel like some of the events are going to be repeated just like the first one but other than that it’s good so far.

That’s all for now, until next time. Elijah

Living the Dream
I will start this blog type segment by saying that my mission, goal, dream whatever you would like to call it was originally to watch every anime that has been created. I know a foolish dream to aim for. That’s what this segment is for, to keep you updated with what anime I am watching throughout the week and some quick opinions that might turn into reviews somewhere down the line.

This week I have been watching Naruto Shippuuden, now just like its predecessor it suffers unneeded filler syndrome but not as badly. I enjoy watching Shippuuden as it is more dark than what Naruto was that’s for sure. Well that’s about it for the anime section of this blog.

Moving onto manga I have just read Kamisama no Iutoori and I have to say I really enjoyed it until it started to make little sense at the end. It had a disappointing ending just like Death Note did when I think about it or The Cube yet The Cube was kinda disappointing throughout the entire movie. If I was to compare Kamisama no Iutoori I would say it was The Cube except more hardcore and more gory.