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So through out the day I tend to think to myself “Am I watching enough anime/ reading enough manga?” Well if I wasn’t running this website I wouldn’t be that’s for sure but since I have been writing reviews I find myself watching less and less anime and reading less manga. I think to myself that my goal will never be obtainable at this pace but on the other hand it makes me happy cause I get to share my opinions on different anime and manga and it makes it some what worth the sacrifice. Even though I am constantly thinking of ways to read and watch more my life is at peace currently.

For anime this week I have started Encouragement of Climb season 1 and from what I have seen the animation is splendid and I’m in love with it already, Day Break Illusion was really too lack luster for my tastes so this feels like the medicine I needed to make sure I don’t overload on sub par anime.

Manga is an interesting story, since I didn’t have the time to read Coppelion last week there wasn’t a review so this week I want to try and read both Coppelion and Death Note and release both of them as reviews to make up for last week, Coppelion is actually really interesting and Death Note as always is fun to read so I look forward to writing reviews for them.

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With a passionate love of Tarot cards Akari tries to learn everything that she can about tarot cards and learning how to be a great reader. One day through the occurrence of strange events Akari learns that she has special powers that relate back to tarot cards.

Day Break Illusion is an interesting anime, the idea of tarot cards already interested me but to have a completely different world that is invisible to the human world. The story doesn’t introduce anything that makes the story exciting at all, the story is fairly consistent with its telling of the story but it was rather average, no plot twists or exciting turns of events that grabs the viewer into the story. The story was easy to follow and didn’t try to hide any information from the viewer, the anime is fairly predictable but you don’t really focus on whats going to happen next as most episodes end on a note where it finishes off that small story. Day Break Illusion doesn’t focus on story arcs but instead has episodic episodes that fill in the overall story. The story does explain all of the necessary details that the viewer wants and needs to know, in terms of satisfaction in the plot, Day Break Illusion really doesn’t make the viewer satisfied for watching it, if anything it will make the viewer unhappy as it is doesn’t leave you with a definate feeling of either liking or hating the anime, it just sort of sits there in the realm of not really leaving an impact with you. The ending was pretty anti-climatic and didn’t live up to the expectations of an anime that had a battle ┬átheme around it. Overall I give the story a 5/10.

The characters in Day Break Illusion like the story don’t really live up to the expectation that is set before them, the viewer expects deep and meaningful relations and back stories yet it was really disappointing when we learn the motives of a character, no real effort was put into it, when it came to learning the story behind Hoshikawa Seira it was just a story, it was the sad turning point in her life that it should have been, it felt more like “oh, so that happened.” The back story behind Tsukuyomi Luna had been teased throughout the entire anime yet they never really discussed it, sure it was obvious that she came from a wealthy family and the fight for the will was prevalent but it was never explained what her family did or why they are from money. Hoshikawa Seira is the calm minded and cold hearted girl in the team, she often carries out her tasks with an unwavering will. Shirokane Ginka is the indecisive member of the team, often not knowing where she stands on a point she quickly changes her view based on what some one will say. Taiyou Akari is the cheery Tarot card loving girl who is often described as being as bright as the sun. Tsukuyomi Luna is the shy and quite member who sees her lost twin sister in Akari making her naturally try and be near Akari. Overall I give the Characters a 6/10

Art and Animation
The art is actually nice in Day Break Illusion, the scenery was well detailed and that was a nice change to see compared to other anime which really don’t focus on the scenery. I do admit that there are some scenes that throw the idea of scenery out the door like when they are in the Astralux there isn’t any detail put into scenery but it’s the astralux, it’s meant to be a world that doesn’t have a lot of features in it. The animation in the beginning of Day Break Illusion was actually pretty good but as time went on the animation become worse and worse, the disapointing thing was at the start they had a heavy emphasis on movement and first person movement but as the anime went on the animation quality dropped a lot. The panning shots were always choppy yet that could have been my browser not working properly as it seemed a bit strange. Overall I give the Art and Animation a 7/10.

Sound and Music
The sound track for Day Break Illusion was pretty decent, it fit the tones very nicely, it did remind me a bit of amnesia the way they had the same track to end of the episode but that didn’t bother me as the track was good and didn’t matter how much it was repeated, there were other tracks that were used repeatably for the one purpose but once again I didn’t mind this as it made the anime feel like there was more consistency to it. The voice acting on the other hand was a bit questionable, the emotions never really came across as the voices didn’t fit some of the characters, Akari was too soft to be the cheery and sunny character that she was, the voice made her sound as if she should be Luna since it was a voice that sounded intimidated a lot of the time. Overall I give the Sound and Music a 6/10.

Final Thoughts
Day Break Illusion for once isn’t an anime that I recommend you watch, the anime leaves you feeling that you wasted you time as you don’t have a firm opinion on the anime, it kinda just sits there in limbo and that is what makes it frustrating. Overall I give Day Break Illusion a total of 6/10.